Frequently Asked Questions



The Campsite will not accept reservations of people under age. All children have to be accompanied always of a major (parent or guardian).

It is necessary to require their full names and dates of birth of all the people who occupy a bungalow, tent or a pitch at the time of booking.

The rent is for the use of the reservation holder and his companions, in no case can be transferred to third parties.

Preferences and special services (rental cots, chairs, linens and others) must be mentioned at the time of booking. Otherwise, cannot be guaranteed.

The Campsite is not responsible for any information that has not been confirmed in writing, especially sending the booking confirmation.

Cancellations must be made in writing, signed and sent by email.


The maximum speed for all vehicles (cars, bikes, skates, skateboards etc.) is 10 km/h.

The schedule of vehicles is from 8 am until 12 am. It is strictly forbidden to enter or exit the Campsite with the vehicle outside this schedule.

Prohibited the circulation of motorcycles inside the Camping for children under 18 years.

For all cars and bikes it is required while circulating at night to do so with the lights set.

All bicycles must always use the bike lane. You can’t leave them lying on the ground and always park them well locked. The Campsite will not be liable for any bike theft that was not linked.


Dogs declared as a dangerous race or crosses of these (you can consult the official list in our web) are not admitted. Other dogs will only be able to enter in the Campsite if they have a vaccination card and updated insurance. It is necessary to have updated vaccine cards and present it/show it upon arrival at the Reception. Once accepted, they have to always be tied with a muzzle and they can never be left alone on the plot.

We remind you that neither dogs nor animals in general are admitted within our accommodation (bungalows and tents) or in their surroundings.

The Campsite has a pipi can area. It is prohibited to let the dog do his needs anywhere else in the Campsite. Dogs are also prohibited in swimming pools and in any sanitary block.


There is Animation all weekends in low and middle season and every day during Easter, July and August. We have a team of Animation that are on charge to organise activities for all ages and nationalities through the day. You can consult our program in our web Activities/Animation.

This service cannot be used as a babysitting service. Parents or guardians are the ones ultimately responsible for the safety of their children on the premises, especially in the swimming pool area, playground or riding a bike.


Please respect the silence both, day and night. The rule is silence from 12 am, without any exception.

During the day it is requested that the volume of digital electronic devices will be at a sound level with a reasonable intensity and we require understanding, solidarity and common sense to everyone.


How far is the Campsite from the beach?

450 m.

How is the beach?

The large beach of Pals is a sandy and deep beach. From this beach, along the “Camí de Ronda” you can easily reach two small beaches, the Illa Roja (naturist beach located 10 minutes on foot from the Campsite) and Sa Riera.

How far is the Campsite from Pals?

5 km.

How far is the Campsite from the nearest bus stop?

500 m, but only during July and August.

How far is the Campsite from the nearest train station?

20 km, in Flaçà (For more information about schedules and nearby stations you can access to the web of

How far is the Campsite from Girona airport?

62 km.

How far is the Campsite from the Barcelona airport?

146 km.

What is the address of the Campsite? And the GPS coordinates?

Adress: Avda. Mediterrània km, 4.5

17256 Platja de Pals – Girona – Costa Brava

Coordinates: GPS: N 41º 58’ 52’’  E 3º 12’ 04’’


Can you pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay with any credit cards except American Express. We also accept ANCV (French checks vacancies). We do not accept any other type of checks.

Is there Wi-Fi network to connect to the internet?

Yes, in all areas of the Campsite there is a possibility to connect to our WI-FI network. You can buy a ticket, which contains the username and the password, in the Reception.

The Camping terrain is flat or with hills?

The Campsite is located on a hill, in a wooded area, gently inclined and levelled by rows of terraces.

Is there any shade at the Campsite?

Yes, the Camping is located on a shady terrain, in a natural pine forest.

There is a swimming pool at the Camping?

Yes, we have a large pool, a little one for children and a Jacuzzi.

Are barbecues allowed? Can you rent one or is there a common area for barbecues?

Yes, it is allowed as long as the weather conditions are appropriate. Only gas barbecues are allowed or charcoal (forbidden firewood).

Yes we have barbecues for rent. We don’t have a common area for them.

Are there discotheques at the Camping?

We respect the silence from 12 am and therefore no music is permitted. The Camping does not have a nightclub, but night-time activities are organised in high season, always respecting the silence from 12 am.

Do you have a bike rental at the Campsite?

Yes, we have bikes for adults.

Can you book organised tours at the Campsite?

Yes, at the Reception we can book them for you through a company in the area.

Dogs are allowed?

Dogs are allowed on the plots but never dogs that are considered dangerous breeds or crosses of these: Akita Inu, Tosa Inu, Tosa Japonès (Mastí), Bullmastiff, Dòberman, Dog Argentí, Dog de Bordeus, Fila Brasileiro, Mastí Napolità, Pit Bull (American Bull Terrier), Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Terrier Staffordshire Americà, Presa Canari and Rottweiler (you can consult the complete list in our website). On arrival at the Campsite there will be required a legal documentation of the animal and the vaccination card.

Under no circumstances dogs or any other pet are allowed in the bungalows/rental tents.

Visitors that come to see family or friends staying at the Campsite, do they have to pay?

Visitors to clients who are staying at the Campsite must register at Reception before entering in the Camping and pay the price per person (see price list).

The barriers to enter the Campsite close at any time? Until what time can you enter by car?

Yes, the barriers of the Camping are closed from 12 am to 8 am, so it’s not possible to access by car during this period. But you can always enter on foot and leave your vehicle parked in the car park outside 24 hours a day. It is also prohibited to circulate within the camping with any vehicle from 12 am to 8 am.


How many people can stay at most in a plot?

There can be 6 people maximum in the Standard parcels and 4 maximum in the Pocket plots.

How many amps are the electrical connections of the plots?

5 ampers = 1100 watts

Is there water at the plots?


What is the difference between a Standard and Pocket plot?

Their sizes, prices and maximum occupation allowed:


Maximum Occupancy

Standard Pitches


6 people

Pocket Pitches


4 people


What time can you check-in on a plot on arrival?

From 12 pm.

What time should you leave the Campsite the day of departure?

Before 12 pm.

Is it necessary to make a reservation if I come with tent or caravan/camper?

During the low/medium season there’s no need to book -unless you have a preference in particular-, you can come directly. During high season we do recommend to make a reservation. The reservation of a plot has no additional cost and the total stay will be charged on the day before or the day of departure before 12 pm.

Is it required a minimum stay of days?

The minimum stay has to be one night.

Is it possible to reserve a concrete number pitch?

At booking we will confirm a place but never a specific number. If the client has a preference of a number of pitch or for something such as situation (near the pool, near the bathrooms, shady, etc.) has to communicate it by writing to our Re servation Department, which will do wherever possible to give a plot that fits these demands.

2 plots can be booked together?

At the booking we will confirm a place, but we can never confirm that they will be together. If the client has a preference to be located next to another client, has to communicate it by writing to our Reservation Department, which will do wherever possible to give a plot next to or as close as possible to the other client.

Can you rent a fridge at the Campsite?

Yes, if you are already at the Camping you can contact the Reception and they will contact an external company to provide the service. Also you can book in advance through our website.

If I’m on a plot and do not need electricity connection or to have a car at the pitch, the price of the plot will be lower?

No, the price of the plot is the same whether or not the services are used.


What is the maximum capacity of accommodation?

We have bungalows that the occupation can be 4/5 people maximum (you can consult it in the section of accommodations in our web). The maximum capacity of people in rental tents is 5 people.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum number of people indicated in each type of accommodation. Babies and children also count as people because they also occupy a place.

Can you reserve a specific number of accommodation?

At the booking we will confirm the type of accommodation requested but never a specific number. If the client has a preference, as number or situation, has to communicate it by writing to our Reservation Department, which will do wherever possible to give an accommodation that fits these demands.

Can you book two bungalows/tents together?

At the booking we will confirm an accommodation but we will never confirm that they will be together. If the client has a preference to be located next to another client, has to communicate it by writing to our Reservation Department, which will do wherever possible to give an accommodation alongside or as close as possible to the other client.

Is it required a minimum stay of days?

During the low and middle season, the minimum stay required is 2 nights, except from 03/04 to 29/05, which allow 1 night stay (except Easter and the bridges that require a minimum stay of 2 nights). Payment is made in advance before arrival.

During the high season (July and August) the minimum stay is 7 nights. Depending on the type of accommodation the arrival and departure days are different. The payment must be made in advance before arrival (see general conditions of reservations on our website).

What time can you check-in on arrival?

The arrival time of the accommodation is from 2 pm.

What time should you leave the campsite the day of departure?

On departure, the accommodation must be released before 10 am. During the low season, there may be greater flexibility but only you can request and receive confirmation in the Reception of the Camping.

Who is in charge of cleaning accommodation?

The customer is responsible for leaving the bungalow clean and picked up the same as found on arrival. Upon arrival, a delivery of 50 Euros must be made as a guarantee for possible damage, which will be returned to the exit once the general and inventory review has been made. If deemed appropriate, the 50 Euros guarantee will be retained in the cleaning of the accommodation.

Do they have TV?

Yes, Bungalows Llevant, Garbí, Sa Riera and Sa Tuna have a TV with national channels. TV is not available for satellite.

Do they have air conditioning?

Yes, Bungalows Llevant, Garbí, Sa Riera and Sa Tuna have air conditioning,with heat and cold pump.

Do you have to bring bedding and towels?

Yes, you need to bring sheets, pillowcases and towels. The pillows and blankets are already inside the accommodation. You can see a complete description of the inventory of the accommodation in the section of accommodations.

The Camping offers the option of renting sheets, towels, cots and chairs and must be requested at the time of making the reservation, otherwise we cannot guarantee it.

What size are the beds?

Doble Bed

Single Bed

Bungalow Llevant

90×140 cm

190×80 cm

Bungalow Garbí

190×140 cm

190×70 cm

Bungalow Sa Riera

200×160 cm

190×80 cm

Bungalow Sa Tuna

200×150 cm

200×80 cm

Canada Tent        190×138 cm

190×70 cm      190×80 cm (bunk bed)

Costa Brava Tent

190×135 cm

190×80 cm

Can you rent the bedding and towels?

Yes, the price of sheets is 6,5€/bed and towels 4,5€. The price is for the entire stay.

Do you have to bring blankets?

No, there are blankets in the accommodation.

Do you have to bring dishcloths?

Yes, you should take them, there are none in the accommodation.

Can you rent dishcloths?

Dishcloths cannot be rented.

Can you rent a cot and/or high chair?

Yes, the price is 12€/stay for a cot and 10€/stay for the seat. We recommend you to book it in advance because we have a limited amount.

Can I put a tent next to the bungalow/rent tent?

No, you’re not allowed to install any tent next to the bungalow/rent tent.

Are pets allowed?

No, they are not allowed in the accommodation or the environment.