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Frequently Asked Questions about Interpals Eco Resort

If you have any queries, we aim to answer them in as much detail as possible. If you any need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@interpals.com and we’ll be happy to help you!

Interpals Eco Resort General Information

How to book at Interpals Camping & Bungalows and what are the booking terms and conditions?

The first and last names and dates of birth of each person occupying a bungalow, rented tent or pitch must be provided when you make the booking.

The Campsite will not accept bookings from minors. All minors must always be accompanied by an adult (father, mother or legal guardian) at all times during their stay.

The rental is for the use of the named person on the booking and their companions. Under no circumstances may the accommodation be transferred to third parties.

Preferences and special services (rental of cots, highchairs, sheets and other items) must be mentioned when making the booking. Otherwise, they cannot be guaranteed.

The Campsite shall not be held responsible for any information that has not been confirmed in writing, especially the sending of the booking confirmation.

Cancellations and/or any changes must be communicated in writing, signed and sent by e-mail.

Can I drive my vehicle inside Interpals Camping & Bungalows grounds?

The maximum speed for all vehicles (cars, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc.) is 10 km/h.

Vehicles can circulate between 8.00 am and midnight. It is absolutely forbidden to drive, enter or leave the Campsite by vehicle outside these hours.

Holidaymakers under the age of 18 are prohibited from driving mopeds inside the Campsite grounds.

When driving at night, it is mandatory to put the headlights on; this applies both to cars and bicycles.

Bicycles must always be ridden on the cycle path. They must not be left on the ground and they must be properly secured and parked at all times. The Campsite will not be responsible for the theft of any bicycle that is not properly secured.

Are pets allowed at Interpals Camping & Bungalows?

Interpals Camping & Bungalows allows dogs on the pitches. Under no circumstances are the following dogs, which are considered to be dangerous breeds or their crossbreeds, allowed to enter: Akita Inu, Japanese Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Dobermann, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, Brazilian Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Pit Bull (American Bull Terrier), Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Canary Mastiff and Rottweiler, among others (please check the official list here).

Under no circumstances are dogs or any other types of pets allowed inside our accommodation (bungalows and rented tents) or in their surrounding area. Dogs are also prohibited from entering the swimming pools and any of the wash blocks. Interpals Camping & Bungalows has a designated dog waste area, it is forbidden to let the dog do its business elsewhere on the Campsite.

On arrival at the Campsite, we will ask you for the animal’s legal documentation and its updated vaccination card. Dogs may only enter the Campsite if they have a vaccination card and up-to-date insurance. Once accepted, they must always be kept on a lead and muzzled, and they must never be left alone at the pitch.

Check the Camping with dogs page of Interpals Camping & Bungalows.

Is there an entertainment service at Interpals Camping & Bungalows?

There is entertainment every weekend in low and mid-season and every day during Easter, July and August. We have a team of entertainers which organises activities for people of all ages and backgrounds all day long. You can check the Interpals Camping & Bungalows Programme on the Animation page.

The entertainment team are not a babysitting service. Parents and legal guardians are ultimately responsible for the safety of their children within the campsite’s grounds, especially in the pool area, the children’s playground or when riding their bicycles.

Is there a timetable to keep quiet?

Care should be taken to keep noise levels down both during the day and at night. The rule requires silence from midnight onwards, without exception.

During the day it is requested that the volume of the electronic and digital devices be set to a reasonable level. We therefore ask everyone for understanding, a civil attitude and common sense.

Location and Distances

How far away is the beach from Interpals Camping?

450 m away.

What is Pals beach like?

The large beach of Playa de Pals is sandy and the water is deep. Following the Camino de Ronda coastal path from this beach, you can easily reach two small and more intimate coves: Illa Roja (a naturist beach located 10-minutes’ walk from the Campsite) and the Sa Riera beach.

More information about the beaches near Interpals Camping & Bungalows.

How far away is the medieval town of Pals from Interpals Camping?

5 km away.

How far is Interpals Camping from the nearest bus stop?

500 m away, with a bus service which runs during the summer months only.

How far is Interpals Camping from the nearest train station?

20 km away, in the town of Flaçà. For more information on timetables and nearby stations, please visit the www.renfe.es website.

How far is Interpals Camping from the Girona-Costa Brava airport?

62 km away.

How far is Interpals Camping from the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport?

146 km away.

What is the address for Interpals Camping & Bungalows? What about the GPS coordinates?

Avenida Mediterránea, s/n. 17256 Playa de Pals (Girona - Costa Brava). GPS Coordinates: N 41º 58’ 52” E 3º 12’ 04”

About Interpals Eco Resort

Can we pay by credit card at Interpals Camping?

Yes, you can pay with all types of credit cards except American Express. ANCVs (French Traveller’s Cheques) are also accepted. No other type of cheques (or eurocheques) will be accepted.

Is there a Wi-Fi network available to connect to the internet in Interpals Camping?

Yes, you can connect to our Wi-Fi network in the entire Interpals Camping Resort. After payment has been made, you can request your username and password in reception.

Is the terrain at Interpals Camping flat or hilly?

The Campsite is situated on a hill and in a wooded area, it is on a gentle slope and is levelled by rows of terraces.

Are there any shaded spots at Interpals Camping?

Yes, the Interpals Camping Resort is located in shaded land in a natural pine forest.

Is there a swimming pool at Interpals Camping & Bungalows?

Yes. We have released a new pool, more modern and larger. The pool has a water play area for the little ones. Besides, there is an area with three water slides.

Are barbecues allowed? Is it possible to rent a barbecue or is there a communal barbecue area?

Yes, they are allowed as long as the weather permits. Only gas or charcoal barbecues are allowed (the use of wood is strictly prohibited).

We have barbecues available for rent, but there is no communal area.

Can organised excursions be arranged at Interpals Camping?

Yes, at Reception we take care of booking them through external companies in the area.

Do visitors who come to see family or friends staying at the Campsite have to pay to enter?

Visits to holidaymakers who are staying at the Campsite must register their visit at reception before entering the Campsite grounds and pay the price indicated according to the established rate.

Are the barriers at Interpals Camping closed? How late can we enter with our car?

Yes, the barriers to enter the Campsite by car are closed from midnight to 8:00 am. In any case, you can enter the Campsite on foot and leave your vehicle parked in the outdoor car park located at the Campsite’s entrance.

It is also forbidden to circulate inside the Campsite’s grounds with any kind of vehicle from midnight to 8:00 am.

Pitches at Interpals Eco Resort

What is the maximum number of people allowed per pitch?

A maximum of 6 people in the Standard pitches and a maximum of 4 people in the Pocket pitches.

How many amps do the pitch electrical supply connections have?

5 amps = 1100 watts.

Do the pitches have a water supply and drainage?


What is the difference between a Standard and Pocket pitch?

Their size, prices and maximum occupancy allowed:

Standard Pitch: 60-80 m² / 6 people

Pocket Pitch: 25-40 m² / 4 people

What time can we check in on the day of arrival?

The pitch will be available from 12:00 noon on. If you arrive before 12:00 noon you can check in at Reception and we will confirm whether you can set yourselves up on the pitch, depending on availability. If the pitch is still not available you will have to wait until 12:00 noon, however, you are welcome to use our facilities while you are waiting.

What time should we leave the Campsite on the day of departure?

The departure time from the Interpals Camping pitch is at 12:00 noon. In low and mid-season, on request and depending on availability, there will be the possibility of a late check-out up until 6:00 pm.

Do we need to make a booking to come with our own tent, caravan or motor home?

During the low season you can come directly, there is no need to book unless you have a special preference request. In high season we recommend that you book in advance. There is no additional cost for booking a pitch and the total amount of the stay must be paid either the day before or the day of departure before 12:00 noon.

Is a minimum number of days required to stay at Interpals Camping?

The minimum stay is one night.

Is it possible to reserve a specific pitch number?

When you book we confirm the location, but never a specific number. If you have a preference both with regards the number of the pitch and its location (near the pool, near the wash block, shaded, etc.) you should tell our Booking Department in writing, who will bear your request in mind.

Can we book two neighbouring pitches together?

When you book, we confirm the places, but never that they will be together. If you have a preference for being located next to another holidaymaker you must inform us in writing and we will consider your request.

Is it possible to rent a fridge at Interpals Camping & Bungalows?

Yes, the reception desk will put you in touch with an external company to provide you with this service. You can also book one in advance through our website or by sending an e-mail to info@interpals.com.

Accommodation: Bungalows and Tents for rent

What is the maximum capacity of the accommodation?

We have bungalows that can be occupied by a maximum of 4 or 5 people, please check the Interpals Camping & Bungalows accommodation page. The maximum capacity in the rented tents is 5 people.

It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum number of people permitted for each type of accommodation. Babies and children also count as people, as they also occupy a place.

Is it possible to book a specific accommodation number?

When you book we confirm the type of accommodation requested, but never a specific number. If you have a preference both with regards the number and its location, you should tell our Booking Department in writing who will bear your request in mind.

Can we book two neighbouring bungalows or tents together?

When you book, we confirm both accommodation rentals, but never that they will be together. If you have a preference for being located next to another holidaymaker, you must communicate this in writing to the Bookings Department who will bear your request in mind and, whenever possible, you will be assigned an accommodation that meets the characteristics requested.

Is a minimum number of days required to stay at Interpals Camping?

In general, during the low and medium season the minimum stay required is 2 noghts, except for long weekends and holidays when a minimum of 3/4 nights is required.

During high season (July and August), the minimum stay is 7 nights.

(see general booking terms and conditions for Interpals Camping & Bungalows).

What time can we check in on the day of arrival?

The accommodation can be entered from 4:00 pm onwards.

What time should we leave Interpals Camping on the day of departure?

On the day of departure, you must vacate your accommodation before 11:00 am. During the low season there may be more flexibility, but this can only be requested at Campsite’s Reception who will provide confirmation if it is possible.

Who takes care of the cleaning of the accommodation?

The holidaymaker is responsible for leaving the bungalow clean and tidy, just as they found it on arrival. On arrival, you must leave a €50 deposit for any possible damage, which will be returned on departure, once the general and inventory check has been carried out. If it is considered necessary, the €50 deposit will be retained for the cleaning of the accommodation.

Does the accommodation at Interpals Camping have a TV?

Yes, the Llevant, Garbí, Sa Riera and Sa Tuna bungalows all have a TV with national channels. Satellite TV is not available.

Does the accommodation at the Interpals Camping Resort have air conditioning?

Yes, the Llevant, Garbí, Sa Riera and Sa Tuna bungalows have hot and cold air conditioning.

Should we bring bed linen?

Yes, you should bring sheets, pillowcases and towels. The pillows and the quilts are included in the accommodation. You can see a full description of the accommodation inventory on the web pages on each type of accommodation.

The Campsite offers the option of renting sheets, towels, cots and highchairs and baby seats; these must be requested at the time of booking, otherwise we will not be able to guarantee availability.

What size are the beds?

Llevant Bungalow

Double bed: 190×140 cm

Single bed: 190×80 cm

Garbí Bungalow

Double bed: 190×140 cm

Single bed: 190×70 cm

Sa Riera Bungalow

Double bed: 200×160 cm

Single bed: 190×80 cm

Sa Tuna Bungalow

Double bed: 200×150 cm

Single bed: 200×80 cm

Canada Tent

Double bed: 190×138 cm

Single bed: 190×70 cm / 190×80 cm (bunk bed)

Costa Brava Tent

Double bed: 190×135 cm

Single bed: 190×80 cm

Canada Lux Tent

Double bed: 190×160 cm

Single bed: 200×90 cm (bunk bed, top bunk) / 200x140 (bottom bunk)

Medes tent

Double bed: 200×150 cm

Single bed: 200×80 cm

Montgri tent

Double bed: 200×150 cm


Double bed: 190×135 cm

Single bed: 190x90 cm (3 beds) / 190x80 cm (1 bed)

Is it possible to rent a cot and/or highchair?

Yes, the price is €12 / stay for the cot and €10 / stay for the high chair. We recommend that you book them in advance because there are a limited number available.

Can a tent be placed next to the bungalow / rented tent?

No, it is not permitted to pitch any kind of tent next to the bungalows/ rented tents.

Are pets allowed in the bungalows and rented tents at Interpals Camping?

No, pets are not allowed in or around the bungalows or tents.